Shoes you can wear forever.

In 2004, my Mam bought me a pair of UGGs as a ‘well done, you managed to make it through secondary school without totally losing the plot’ present. I wore them in to the ground, which is understandable as they were my first pair of knee boots, period. My calves were chunky even then and I was yet to discover the wide-width-heaven that is Evans. When my UGG’s died, Mam brought me back some EMU boots from America. Practically the same thing, really. Pretty sure I’ve been living in the same EMU style for the last three-four years. I’ve definitely gone through a few pairs thanks to my conveniently placed family in Philadelphia – jokes on you, customs! Actually, hang on – 2004 was not three-four years ago. Wow. Okay. I’m old. *Having a moment….*

Ahem. My current EMU’s get worn everywhere. They’re warm, they’re black and they’re wrecked. If there wasn’t a nice splatter of white paint on them I reckon I wouldn’t be breaking up with them. As much as I love feeling like I strolling on clouds and wearing slippers everywhere, I think it might be time to move on and embrace a new pair of boots. My EMUs have done me proud, lasted for years at a time and I want something that’ll compete in the durability department. I’d also like something a little more tailored and feminine; as comfortable as my EMUs are, they kind of look like a pile of mush around my feet.

Say hello to my alternative: Dr. Martens ‘Darcie’ – Something tells me they may not be as comfortable first try, but I’m prepared to do some serious house walking to wear them in.

What do you guys think?


Alive, Christmas, 2011 x

To say I feel like I’ve fallen off the world feels like an understatement. Thought I’d do a little update before Christmas to let the world know I’m still alive.

So, as of Monday, I’m officially half way through my final year of college and I’m already looking forward to lots of Christmas snoozing and lounging over the holidays. I love to lounge. Isn’t it the best? I also love sweets, but you already knew that. My mind definitely needs the recoup after this semester if I’m going to get through next year unscathed. We’ll be having a quite Christmas in my house- my Dad, my brother, Steven, my Grandad and myself will be taking over the sitting room to watch Band of Brothers ALL day. WW2 combined with a massive dinner and lots of sweets; I can’t imagine a sweeter day.

I already got one of my presents already – how bold – a lovely Holga 120 GCFN from HolgaRama. They were super lovely to deal with and my camera arrived so quickly. In fact, out of all the presents I bought online, it’s the only one that’s already arrived. I’ve been using my film sparingly until the giant batch I ordered from 7DayShop arrives. Also bought lots of 35mm too. Planning to get everything developed in January so I’ll have lots of lovely surprise shots.

Also, m boyfriend bought me a Sega Mega Drive. Possibly the ultimate present ever. Can’t wait to relive my youth and play Sonic all day.

What are you guys planning to do on Christmas day? – apart from eating lovely dinners and opening presents, obviously! Did you ask for something specific from Santy?

Besides the looming holidays, I’ve also got my exams in January to think about. Trying to put them to the back of my mind until after New Years, but that’s always easier said than done. Luckily, I’ve only two exams to sit – phew! – but once they’re done, it’s dissertation time. Eeek! I’ve been literally hiding in my study cave, ahem, our box room, since October planning and prepping my dissertation. My final proposal has been submitted so now it’s just a case of waiting for the new semester to start. I did a little post on my project back in October but my idea has changed a little since then. Always the way!

Initially I wanted to create a plus size/tall/petite site to host an online PDF magazine. I’m still doing the site and magazine but concentrating on plus size and crafty fashion. One of the nicest things about crafty fashion is it’s open to girls of any size so I thought it would be a nice sister topic for plus size fashion. My PDF magazine, Kelsey, will have lots of lovely product and fashion photography, while the site will run as a blog. I’m really excited but it’s hard not to be nervous about it. Can’t wait to get started for a million reasons, but the main one is using it as an excuse to shop. I’m dying to get my hands on some super pale Nicola Robert’s Dainty Doll make-up from Asos. Obviously it will be a requirement for self portraits, you know. I’m tired of feeling orange from using Ivory foundation. Boo!

I’ll leave it there before I start listing out everything I want online. Thank you, Kaboodle!

Yay and Happy Christmas x









Carmakoma A/W

Bonjour, my fellow cuddleys.

Received a lovely e-mail from Dina at Carmakoma today complete with their delicious A/W Look book, which you can also check out online if you fancy.

I’m a total sucker for dark winter shades (black, black, black, black…) mixed with a little bit of glam to a) make me feel like a lady and b) to give a little nod at the holiday season. I live in a leggings/dress combo and Carmakoma have hit my winter nail on the head with this collection. Nom. Not to mention the amazing photoshoot with the poodles. Delicious!

LDN: It’s tomorrow! (Tips, plz?)


It’s finally here! My trip to London, that is.

London tips and tricks would be lovely, please. Don’t feel they have to be plus-size suggestions. I plan on heading to Camden/doing some vintage shopping for lots of old-school accessories.

Tell me where to go!

Tomorrow morning, my Mam and myself will be flying over to London (Mam is joining me for the first four days as her brother lives there) and curbing my excitement is proving quite difficult! Why am I trying to subdue my inner euphoria, I hear you say? Well, I am yet to pack. Eeek!

My packing procrastination triggered some of the most farcical logic, or non-logic, I’ve ever come up with. Why pack? Packing equals an empty suitcase. Empty suitcases have lots of room for dreamy, new clothes. Maybe, instead of packing things I may actually need, I should spend the day online scanning for potential buys while I’m away.

I know it was wrong, but that’s what I did. The shame.

Next to follow was my guilt induced logic; It’s so hard for me to shop in Ireland so, obviously I need to thoroughly research my London shopping. Again, the absolute shame. What am I like? I shouldn’t be left alone.

On the sunny side of it all, I did see some gorgeous, summery pieces in the Evans sale online, along with a stripey maxi-dress from New Look Inspire. Perfect for the scalding weather Ireland has been throwing our way. My most significant find was the stunning, lace-up heels from Evans. For once, these beauties are stocked in Ireland, but I couldn’t bring myself to splash out nearly 60euro for them. (£35 sterling full price.) I am a student. Feel my pain. Now reduced to £10 sterling, if I see them, they are mine. Hom, nom.

Anyone else have any luck with the summer sales?

I have my eye on all these bad boys, but I imagine I’ll come home with completely different pieces. Always the way!


Black sleeveless lace body £10 SALE

Lightwash belted crop pants £15 SALE

Grey platform shoes £10 SALE

Corsage neck vest £25 Not in the sale, but still beautiful.