Shoes you can wear forever.

In 2004, my Mam bought me a pair of UGGs as a ‘well done, you managed to make it through secondary school without totally losing the plot’ present. I wore them in to the ground, which is understandable as they were my first pair of knee boots, period. My calves were chunky even then and I was yet to discover the wide-width-heaven that is Evans. When my UGG’s died, Mam brought me back some EMU boots from America. Practically the same thing, really. Pretty sure I’ve been living in the same EMU style for the last three-four years. I’ve¬†definitely¬†gone through a few pairs thanks to my conveniently placed family in Philadelphia – jokes on you, customs! Actually, hang on – 2004 was not three-four years ago. Wow. Okay. I’m old. *Having a moment….*

Ahem. My current EMU’s get worn everywhere. They’re warm, they’re black and they’re wrecked. If there wasn’t a nice splatter of white paint on them I reckon I wouldn’t be breaking up with them. As much as I love feeling like I strolling on clouds and wearing slippers everywhere, I think it might be time to move on and embrace a new pair of boots. My EMUs have done me proud, lasted for years at a time and I want something that’ll compete in the durability department. I’d also like something a little more tailored and feminine; as comfortable as my EMUs are, they kind of look like a pile of mush around my feet.

Say hello to my alternative: Dr. Martens ‘Darcie’ – Something tells me they may not be as comfortable first try, but I’m prepared to do some serious house walking to wear them in.

What do you guys think?