Hi, Internet!

It’s been a while, eh?

Well, here’s the news: I’ve moved over to Wahay!

Come say hai, won’t you?

Sara x



Saying it’s been a while feels like such an understatement.
Finally finished college, joined the gym and blogging will resume normally very soon.
To the lovely readers who took the time to e-mail me, I’m sorry I haven’t replied to you yet. I will, I promise.


Dear, Ireland.

Dear, Ireland.

Lately, my brain has felt a little like smush. It’s all about the thesis right now, but I’ve been allowing myself to think about what lies ahead as a soon-to-be graduate. Not fun.

You are in my bad books.

I don’t want to¬†emigrate. I don’t want my friends to emigrate. I’m anxious about how the next year will affect my mental health. How will I support myself?

I don’t think anyone knows what’s going to happen in 2011, but I have decided I will be staying here. I’m not leaving my home because of the mistakes another generation made. I want to be part of a generation that provides for the next, and I can’t help if I’m not here.

I think it might be time to stop talking about what I’m against and start finding things I’m for.

I am not leaving you and I’ll do everything I can to fix you.

Love, Sara.

P.S. Don’t think you’re off the hook just because I’m staying.


Happy New Year!

Hello, 2011. These are the things I’m going to do during you:

  • Buy a new bed.
  • Redecorate my bedroom.
  • Decorate and organise my study area. (nerd alert)
  • Apply for 100 million jobs.
  • Redesign my blog and post more often.
  • Be more social.
  • Drive less.
  • Walk more.
  • Drink more green tea.
  • Find a substitute for chicken.
  • Wear more dresses.
  • Go to England to see my family.
  • Live my strobist dreams with some new flashguns.
  • Go for lunch more.
  • Go on a picnic.
  • Do a make up course.
  • Learn to sew and make a dress.
  • Do some web design work for my Dad.
  • Shoot lots of film and put my new scanner to good use.
  • Wear heels…outside.
  • Stop over thinking everything.

A simple list, I think. Happy 2011 everyone. Hope you make it through your lists and have an amazing year x