2011 Fashion Resolutions

Hello, I’m Sara and I am a die-hard list maker.

New Years is one of the few times of year I can do some serious list making without looking like a total dork. Heaven. While I usually make resolutions I never stick to, I love the feeling of a fresh start each year with lots of possibilities.

What are you guys planning for your wardrobe in 2011?

1) Goodbye, jeans. Hello, dresses.

After spending the last year searching for a pair to suit both my height and chunkyness, I’ve decided to embrace my jeans-less wardrobe. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair. I’ll just buy more dresses. Oh, no!

If you do fall in to the tall/chunky category, New Look’s Tall section stocks up to a size 18 and Dorothy Perkins’ Tall section goes up to a size 22, both of which have a maximum length of 36″. Excellent. My only issue is the low waist. Seeing as I’m carrying some spare tyres around my middle, low waist jeans leave everything to hang out. No thank you.

I live in dresses so it’s about time I start embracing them. On my 2011 wish list so far is this gorgeous sailor dress from Pin Up Couture. Also available on ModCloth.

Next up is the tulle skirt. I’m crushing on everything available from Ouma on Etsy, especially the hand dyed tea length skirt, which was also worn by Jay from Fatshionable when she visited New York this year. Nom. Alternatively, Get Go Retro do a custom tea length skirt and ‘Carrie’ tutu inspired by Sex and the City.

Hand Dyed Tea Length Tulle Skirt by Ouma


Clouds of Cotton Candy dress by Ouma

Tea Length Tulle Tutu Skirt by Get Go Retro

2) Oh hai, pale face.

I’m Irish. We get very little sun. Even when we do get the occasional summer rays, I’m grand inside. I’m pale, pasty and had very fair hair until my ovaries switched themselves off a few years back. When I was younger I swam, a lot, so I never really embraced the whole fake tan movement. The chlorine would melt it off in an hour anyway. I also suffer with sporadic combination skin. One day it’s super oily, the next day I wake up with half my face peeling off. Whoda thunk your ovaries could affect so much? I think it’s finally time to embrace some kind of skin regime, so here we go:

Nicola Roberts – Dainty Doll Foundation

Dainty Doll foundation by Nicola Roberts

Available on ASOS. The foundation, which comes in 3 shades, Ivory, Porcelain and White,  is currently sold out – not surprising when it’s priced at under £12. Haven’t been able to find anywhere stocking the brand in Ireland, although Jelly Pong Pong, who collaborated with Nicola on Dainty Doll, stock products in The Ivory Closet, Limerick. Their site isn’t up yet, so not sure if they’re stocking Nicola’s range. Fingers crossed the ASOS stock is replenished soon.

Alison Raffaele – Reality Base Foundation

Alison Raffaele - Reality Base Foundation

Stumbled across this product after searching through ever informative forum on Beaut.ie. On the forum, Synchronicity linked to a foundation matrix on Temptalia, which lists foundation brands and more importantly, those catering for light skin. A little more expensive than Dainty Doll, but $38 (around 28e) is hardly breaking the bank.


Proactiv Solution

When I was 19, just before I decided to stop swimming I went to Philadelphia for a while to stay with my family and scout out some colleges. I remember watching infomercials for Proactiv with Jessica Simpson on them and immediately being sucked in. It wasn’t until I finally stopped swimming and my ovaries went mental that my skin problems started. I’d never say I have bad skin, but it’s patchy and has a mind of its own. I think Proactiv is one of those products I just need to try. You can order online from their .co.uk (links to .ie for hiked up euro prices) or international sites. Personally, I’m going to order from the international site as it works out a little cheaper and the product combinations are different. Let’s see how it goes!

3) The Tall Doll

Shoes. I love shoes. I also love bags. The chubby girls go to pieces when nothing else fits. I tend to accumulate bags as I’m so tall. My plan for 2011 is to give the fingers to my tallness and wear whatever shoes I want, starting with a delicious pair of Jeffrey Campbell ‘Raid’ Wedges from Sole Struck. I’ve been watching them all year and can’t wait until they arrive, especially seeing as they have the Acne ‘Alexa’ metal bottom. Plus, when I bought them this morning, I refreshed the page and it said they were no longer available. Take that for a sign!

Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell 'Raid' Wedge

4) Multicoloured legs

I can’t say goodbye to jeans without stocking up on some alternative leg wear. I usually buy my leggings from Matalan, aka my Mam buys them when she goes over to the U.K. Super cheap, long and stretchy and last for ages against the chub-rub. 

We Love Colors – Plus Size Tights

Solid Colour Plus Size Tights by We Love Color

I’ve already made one tights purchase from We Love Colors and I’ve been wearing them nearly every day. Will be buying lots more from their plus size section in 2011. They have 51 colours to choose from, how could I not?

Sock Dreams

Zurich Texture Tights by Sock Dreams

Also, can’t wait to get some thigh high (will totally be knee high on me) socks from Sock Dreams. They’ve a lovely plus size section with socks, fishnets, thigh highs and garters in every style you can think of.


9 thoughts on “2011 Fashion Resolutions

  1. I envy height..if I were you I’d make the most of being tall and wear heels every day to emphasize it! You’re so gorgeous you could pull it off any day 🙂

  2. sara try the harrods website for dainty doll, i think that’s where she launched it! *swoon* for the sailor dress

  3. ooh yes, tulle skirts and Jeffrey Campbell shoes…
    What more does a girl need?!
    Delighted to hear you’re giving the V-sign to the tallness, the taller the better I say!

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