Digital Socket Awards & State Gallery 2010

Ok, so this has nothing to do with fashion or curvy loveliness, but it is photography related and well, I’m just so delighted. Today has been a lovely day.

Much to my total swoony surprise, I’ve been included on the Digital Socket Awards’ longlist for ‘Best Music Photography’. A giant thank you to Nay and Ronan for putting so much time and effort in to this lovely new endeavour. Fingers crossed it all goes well and will be back next year. x

Digital Socket Awards || Digital Socket Facebook || Digital Socket Twitter

Also, I couldn’t possibly mention this news with saying CONGRATS to all the amazing State Magazine photographers who also made it on to the longlist. (Sean Conroy, Kieran Frost, James Goulden, Damien McGlynn, Alessio Michelini, Alan Moore and our lovely photo editor, Loreana Rushe.) Our 2010 gallery went online today with all the best shots from this year. It’s lovely, so go have a look!

Bualadh bos!


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