Dissertation time! (Thoughts on a postcard, please.)

Hello world!

I can’t remember the last time I was here. How terrible is that? I’ll make up for it, I promise.

So, where have I been? At home, really. Going to lots of gigs and getting settled back in to college. Weaning myself off the internet in the hope of making it through my final year without spending every day on Facebook and Twitter. It’s going really well so far and I’ve been able to get loads of planning done for my Visual Media Dissertation. I also purchased the most incredible FiloFax from Paper Chase and my life is pretty much complete. Hurrah for stationery.

Time to tell you about my dissertation, which is still in the early stages of being anally planned.

I want to design and create the content for a plus size, petite and tall magazine. My first thought was to design it as an A5 free-sheet, which could be slipped in to any other fashion magazine. I love this idea because my target audience would have access to the content without taking up pages in an already jam packed fashion magazine. Don’t get me wrong, I would ideally like to see plus size, petite and tall fashion appearing regularly next to standard sizes, but I don’t work for a magazine. This is portfolio piece and if I design it as a slip in free-sheet, it means all the responsibility is with me. If I’m depending on a magazine to pick it up for my project to completed, well then I’m pretty screwed.

I also planned to design a website, you know, just to keep the magazine company but it quickly dawned on me that I could use the website to host the magazine online. Obviously one of the biggest restrictions about plus size fashion it the content turnover. There aren’t as many stores available to women size 16/18+ so being able to run a blog/ezine and produce a magazine, complete with plus size shoots, every couple of months sounds absolutely delicious to me.

As I said, everything is in the planning stages but I still need all the help I can get. I’ve market research to do so the more people I can get to complete my surveys, when I make them, ahem, the better. I’d just love to hear from any one has an opinion on my project, good or bad.

If you are involved in the fashion media, or the media in general, enjoy fashion and have something to say, you can comment here or send me an email to          lions and tigers and sara oh my at gmail dot com

I’m also looking for plus size models for next year. If you’re on Model Mayhem, here’s my profile. If not, mail away!

I feel like I’ve forgotten how to type/write. Maybe weaning myself off the internet wasn’t such a good idea after all.





5 thoughts on “Dissertation time! (Thoughts on a postcard, please.)

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  2. I’ve been looking out for new posts on your blog! So great you’re back! These sound like worthy ideas. May I suggest you put it out in the blogosphere where the lovely ladies that do a magnificent job of exposing “fatshion” and promoting body acceptance can be of assistance?

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