Weekend photos: Bronwyn’s Birthday @ Killiney Hill

Hurray for the weekend. It was my lovely friend Bronwyn’s birthday on Sunday so we went out to Killiney Hill for a picnic. We ended up staying until it was dark and watched the shooting stars on the hill. I’d never seen one before, not for lack of trying. Last week, it was too bright near my house to see them, but last night definitely made up for it.

Also, technically this doesn’t count as an outfit post, but it’s close enough for me right now!


It’s me. Eeek.

T-shirt from Matalan.

Skirt from Marks and Spencer. (Very old, but still amazing.)


Pink tights from Evans.


Shoes from Evans.


The boy et moi. We like to co-ordinate with our closed eyes.

Cardigan from A-Wear


Cats on my dashboard aka: Me and Bron. =)


The BIRTHDAY girl herself with Dublin city behind her. x


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