Spent last weekend enjoying the many musical delights of Indiependence (Mitchelstown, Co.Cork). The campsite bore pillow-like grass, the music was delicious (SEBP, Adebisi Shank, Jape, ASIWYFA, Grand Pocket Orchestra, Yes Cadetsmy photos from the festival are on my photography blog and on, my stomach didn’t turn on me and no rain. Can you get closer to perfection in Ireland? I think not.

Having embraced camping and portaloos like I’m in my own back garden, my comfort has begun to reflect in my packing. Only took four years; I made it through my first festival with the covers off my bed in the boot of my car. I also brought a bikini. Shame. One little schoolbag saw me soundly through the whole of Indiependence (not including my camera bag) and I didn’t need half the ‘essentials’ I crammed in. Joy.

Now to tackle the camera bag. It’s probably a miniscule issue, really, but it’s been gaining momentum recently and I can’t seem to turn the paranoia off when I’m trudging around with my bulky Lowepro bag. A beautiful, sturdy bag, which has served me well, but unfortunately screams “Hey! Camera in here!”. No thank you. I’m also quite reluctant to use a normal bag given there’s no padding, they’re not waterproof…the list goes on. It only takes one drop of water as one of the lovely State photographers found while at Oxegen. Absolute heart attack.

Seeing as I’m totally broke, I think I’m going to make some inserts like these bad boys below. Means I can switch and swap bags depending on where I’m going, which sounds poifect to me.

And if my lotto win happens soon, I’ll be splashing out on some of these beauties:


“The Quilted”





Kelly Moore

“Classic – in Fuchsia”



5 thoughts on “CAN HAS, YES PLZ: DSLR Handbags

  1. “Tha’s wimmin for yeh”.

    I’m tellin yeh, Charlie Haughey had you lot sussed! 😛

    That said I really actually like the idea. I’m constantly afraid of getting mugged. Carrying a tripod around with me there days just for protection…

    • LOL! My tripod weighs a ton. Definitely wouldn’t like a smack in the head from it.

      If it was a tiny camera bag I wouldn’t mind, but the more experience we get, the bigger the gigs get, the more gear I accumulate and bring with me just incase. Really don’t like the thought of someone spotting my bag and having a field day calculating how much the gear is worth. Eugh, especially at a festival.

      I’m going to try making inserts this week. Will let you know how I get on! Then you can use a man bag instead of any of the ones I suggested. They wouldn’t be obvious on you at all, Sean. Heh.

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