I does a blogs about clogs

With my Jeffrey Campbell obsession thriving (aka taking over my life), so is my new found fixation with clogs. Yes. CLOGS.

Even saying the word clogs makes me feel a little strange. I grew up loathing them; the thunderous stomp as their wooden bottoms met with concrete still makes me shudder. Not a discrete shoe, to say the least. A couple of months ago, one of my favourite, Irish, fashion journalists, AnnMarie OConnor of I Blog Fashion, wrote about her love of clogs in The Dubliner. Grimacing at the thought of them on feet, I read on, desperately trying to accept them in to my fashion vocabulary. It was not to be.

Flash forward: July in London. New Look, Oxford Street. (Not the one at Marble Arch, the other one!) I took my time browsing through their dedicated shoe floor. Clogs were, of course, the last thing on my mind. New Look stock ladies size 9 so I was delighted to sieve through racks of shoes knowing I would find something to fit me. And then it happened. As our eyes met across the rows and rows of delicious shoes, it was love at first sight.

Hello, Limited Edition, New Look shoes. Hello, clogs.

I have no idea what happened. Now, I can’t stop thinking about them. New Look have done a lovely job with their lace up boot, a perfect high street alternative to Jeffrey Campbell’s boots.


1. Suede Studded Clog Boot £75

2. Leather Lace Boot £75


(A little bit more than £75, but totally worth it. Hom, nom.)


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