LND: Fashion Photography Summer School @ LCF

Following my little burst of negativity the other day, I figured I should start going through my fashion shots from my course at the London College of Fashion; you know, the whole reason I was in London in the first place. Oh yeah! That thing. Ahem.

Feeling a bit more energised now that I’m home and I’m relieved that after a week, the images I loved in London, I still love here. Phew.

As for my “I don’t want to airbrush” stance, I felt a little misunderstood during the course. I’m not expecting everyone to agree with me, but a little bit of understanding goes a long way. Explaining to people why you are so passionate about something can be hard when you are anticipating the same generic response: “Everyone in the industry does it.” So what. You do what you want and I’ll do what I want. Not that it should overshadow my time in London, but there were times when I became really frustrated because it seemed the whole concept confused my tutor, of all people. I was hoping for advice, when instead, he kept referring to me by saying “for those of us who don’t like photoshop.” I do like photoshop, just not airbrushing. I’m worried I’ve made the mistake of not being clear enough about my intentions and using the term “photoshopping” in place of “airbrushing”. A silly mistake. Anyway, that’s all for another post.

Here are a few of my favourites from my shoot with the gorgeous, Emma Mc Carthy. Emma was fantastic to work with. As a total fashion novice it was so comforting to have someone as relaxed as her guiding me through the process of directing a model and getting what I want from a shoot.


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