ASOS Curve: Katie Perry and the fringe dress.

Sometimes the internet tricks me. Online retailers draw me in with their dazzling fashion spreads and bombard my senses with irresistible outfits, resulting in me forgetting, for only a moment, that I’m never going to fit those clothes. The ASOS Blog was the last clothing-predator to snare me with this enchanting, fringed dress (which is actually a top) as seen below on Katy Perry. I’ll be honest; I made a hmph noise and closed the window. Licking my wounds, I virtually returned in the hope of finding something on ASOS Curve to fill my fringed void. What did I find? Only a curvy duplicate. What joy! Essentially, the only minor difference is the shoulder position and as a curvier lady I would prefer the second one. Double joy!

Also, ASOS are now delivering to the Republic of Ireland for a measly £3. It seems I have no excuse not to get it.

(P.S. – This is an old post from The Asos Blog….I totally forgot to stick it up before I went to London! Bold.)

*Dreamy, fringey loveliness* from The ASOS Blog.

Top/Dress Katy Perry is wearing from regular size range

ASOS Curve version in size 20-26


6 thoughts on “ASOS Curve: Katie Perry and the fringe dress.

  1. That dress is so very stunning… dip-dyed and everthing… and I do love the asymmetrical shape… I’ve kinda become a lover of that cut for a long while now….

  2. It’s a great dress! Be really good fun to wear actually. Tho I think it kinda looks better on the ASOS model than of KP?!
    Just out of pure curiosity, do you mind if I ask why you prefer the second one?

    • I love both of them! I just know I couldn’t wear the first one because of my mongo boobs. Boo! (That’s the technical term, btw!) Anything one shoulder only ever fits one boob. The other spends all day trying to fall out and when you are heavier up top, it makes you look really lopsided. Lesson learned the hard way after smushing myself in to a one shoulder black maxi for a wedding. Shame.

      Having the neckline just go straight across gives the boobies a bit of symmetry and draws less attention to the fact that you’ve got melons on your chest. Brings the attention back down the the curvy hips/waist and would give me a bit more support bra wise.

      Having said all that, if I knew there was adequate boob room in a one shoulder piece, I would totally pick it. Trying to remember to dress for my shape and not squish myself in to things just because I like them! xx

      • Aaaaah. Right I totes get it now. I would never have guessed that it was all about the squishing and fear of boob escape-age. Not good.
        I’m the polar opposite i’m afraid, as flat as a proverbial pancake, wearing a strapless top / dress like that breeds the fear of God in me. Absolutely nowt up there to keep the dress up. Esp strapless maxi. Oh Horror!
        Imagine walking along and your ‘friend’, ‘accidentally’ steps on the back of your dress. It’s suddenly becomes all, ‘hello world, check out my nipples…’.
        Now that is Shame!

      • I know, it’s ridiculous, but I’m learning my lessons and trying harder to dress for my shape. I’m much more comfortable that way because I can just go out and that’s it. No constant pulling off dresses, fixing bras etc. Ha! I just spend all my time touching myself, which isn’t as amazing at it sounds! Your chatting away to someone while squishing your boob back in!

  3. Very cool! Love the second one too, it has a bit more shape than the other. You’ll look lovely in one.

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