LDN: It’s tomorrow! (Tips, plz?)


It’s finally here! My trip to London, that is.

London tips and tricks would be lovely, please. Don’t feel they have to be plus-size suggestions. I plan on heading to Camden/doing some vintage shopping for lots of old-school accessories.

Tell me where to go!

Tomorrow morning, my Mam and myself will be flying over to London (Mam is joining me for the first four days as her brother lives there) and curbing my excitement is proving quite difficult! Why am I trying to subdue my inner euphoria, I hear you say? Well, I am yet to pack. Eeek!

My packing procrastination triggered some of the most farcical logic, or non-logic, I’ve ever come up with. Why pack? Packing equals an empty suitcase. Empty suitcases have lots of room for dreamy, new clothes. Maybe, instead of packing things I may actually need, I should spend the day online scanning for potential buys while I’m away.

I know it was wrong, but that’s what I did. The shame.

Next to follow was my guilt induced logic; It’s so hard for me to shop in Ireland so, obviously I need to thoroughly research my London shopping. Again, the absolute shame. What am I like? I shouldn’t be left alone.

On the sunny side of it all, I did see some gorgeous, summery pieces in the Evans sale online, along with a stripey maxi-dress from New Look Inspire. Perfect for the scalding weather Ireland has been throwing our way. My most significant find was the stunning, lace-up heels from Evans. For once, these beauties are stocked in Ireland, but I couldn’t bring myself to splash out nearly 60euro for them. (£35 sterling full price.) I am a student. Feel my pain. Now reduced to £10 sterling, if I see them, they are mine. Hom, nom.

Anyone else have any luck with the summer sales?

I have my eye on all these bad boys, but I imagine I’ll come home with completely different pieces. Always the way!


Black sleeveless lace body £10 SALE

Lightwash belted crop pants £15 SALE

Grey platform shoes £10 SALE

Corsage neck vest £25 Not in the sale, but still beautiful.


5 thoughts on “LDN: It’s tomorrow! (Tips, plz?)

  1. oh my friend 🙂 fear not about the corsage shop.you can buy those gorgeous ‘bib’ things (i believe they are called yokes) in habedashery shops and then sew them on a plain vest/dress ^.^

  2. tip: go to BEYOND RETRO!!! Sorry that I seem crazy but it is a fabulous vintage shop somewhere in london that I keep spotting in magazines… check their website for their address….

  3. Have fun- I absolutely love London! I was suppose to study there instead of Dublin, but was waaaayyy too expensive… So have a great time, and remember when packing; lay out all the things you want to pack on your bed and then remove half of it 😉

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