Link Love: The ladies of inspiration.

No blog would be complete without some link love.

My blog is still a baby, absolutely no question about that. We have a long, long way to go, but thanks to the daily inspiration and support from the minefield of wonderful blogs out there, it all seems doable.

Drum roll please. My first link love. Nom!

Fashion for the curvy girl:

Rose Tinted Uncertainty is the baby of Carlow girl, and graphic design student, Rhona. When I first took to blogging plunge, I was deflated at the lack of plus size/curvy blogs available in Ireland. Rhona’s was the first and only one I’ve come across so far and she greeted me with *virtual* open arms. Rhona posts outfit inspirations, thoughts on the plus size industry and gorgeous photos of her own outfits, something requiring a lot of bravery. Fingers crossed I’ll grow the bollox to do the same in the future. Go, Rhona!

The Pocket Rocket is Lauren, a London based fashionista and music geek. What doesn’t she do? This girl has done more for my body issues in the last two weeks, than most people could accomplish in a life time. From vlogging for Vogue Curvy (I know, absolutely amazing!) to trying and posting pictures of everything the plus size high street stores have to offer the curvy girl, Lauren’s blog is a must for any curvy girl interested in fashion.

Follow The Pocket Rocket on Twitter @lapocketrocket

Messy Carla is, as you may have guessed, a size 16 fashionete, and now NEON red-head, named Carla. Another UK based fashion blog exploding my mind every time I stop by. Carla’s absolute honesty and regular outfit posts are a real inspiration, and her comments are always filled with lots of chatter, debates and support.

Follow Messy Carla on Twitter @messycarla

Food in my belly:

So these bad boys are not fashion blogs, but they are delicious, Irish and run by two amazing Aoife’s, both of which have been pivotal in the birth of this blog.

I Can Has Cook? takes Aoife no.1 back in to the kitchen where she has been discovering, and occasionally failing, at all things food. While her blog is amazing, and totally mouth watering, it’s her friendship that means the most. Que corny moment! Aoife has been listening to me moan about fashion for the last…forever…and has been an irreplacable source of support, chats and food for me. Oh, Aoife. You total babe!

My Adventures In Veg is the blog of Aoife no.2, which has been another rock of support for Lions and Tigers and Sara. A big thank you is in order for linking to my blog and being so positive about what I can only describe as an up hill battle. Thanks, Aoife!  Adventures in Veg makes vegetarian/vegan cuisine look delectable, and from first hand experience I can tell you tastes even better.

The sound of music:

Harmless Noise is run by Nay, ex Hotpress/Off Her Rocker and all round amazing music photographer. When I started out as a music photographer, Nay offered me the advice and support I’d been craving. My feisty little mentor. Her honesty is only rivalled by her sincere passion for Irish music and supporting Irish musicians. Since I started Lions and Tigers and Sara, Nay has given me so much confidence and some truly excellent ideas for the blog. What would I do without you?


5 thoughts on “Link Love: The ladies of inspiration.

  1. I know already thanked you but I wanna do it again!! A huge and massive kiss and hug from one curvy girl to another…

    I feel however that I don’t talk about being a curvy girl enough on my blog… I should pursue it more!

  2. Awwww! Thank you Sarakat, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s said since the nurses delivered me 29 years ago…I loves this blog xx

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