D.I.Y: Sew and stitch and stitch and sew.

Lately, I’ve been feeling very energised. My gloomy, defeatist attitude has left me! Hurrah! I know it’s temporary and that she’ll return tenfold, her fiery wrath rejuvenated and eager to take me down once again. Pah, I say. Could it be, honesty really is the best policy? Well, so far so good. I’ll try not jinx it.

When I gave birth to this internet-moan-machine, I genuinely felt a deep routed anger against all things fashion. You know, the kind of anger that originates in the bottom of your belly; making every breath feel like a roller coaster, and should you manage to physically say anything, you immediately burst in to bundle of snot and tears. Sexy. No emotional explosion would be complete without the tail end  breakdown – “This is not fair!” and “Why is this happening to me?”. Blub.

How hard can it be, in 2010, to find some tights/jeans/boots to fit.

Stupid, bloody question.

It’s not fair, but quivering chins and vexed posts won’t help anything. Nope. While I can’t make or alter tights, nor can I whip up some boots, I can learn to sew rendering a lot of my plus size/tall issues redundant. Sounds good to me!

All my UNUSED sewing books and fabric swatches. Shame on me.

Oh, I am a bold girl. All of these beauties were purchases well over a year ago, and since then have been gathering dust in my wardrobe. My intentions were only massive. Sure I was going to sew and make *everything* I could possibly need. Yup. The books are great, it’s just sewing is a doing thing, and reading is a reading thing. In my head I thought I could sew anything after speed flipping through a few books, but I failed. Miserably.

Not this time! I will be taking it very slow. Hopefully, inspiration and patience permitting, this little D.I.Y post will become a regular occurrence. I am the ultimate beginner, and literally have no idea where to go and find fabrics, wool and patterns. How do you use a pattern? I don’t know. As I go along, fingers crossed, I’ll have something insightful to share about the D.I.Y culture in Dublin and online.

Anyway, starting now, here’s a peek of my first online D.I.Y love, Threadbanger. Nom!

My D.I.Y inspiration:


“ThreadBanger is the home of DIY fashion how-tos, home décor tips, and more! Let us teach you the techniques to make your OWN style.”

I stumbled across these guys online last year and was immediately addicted. Where else can you learn how to turn a blazer and turn it in to a school bag? Well? Tell me! Since then, their website and video tutorials have had a beautiful make-over, possibly due to a surge in popularity after some mainstream media coverage, mainly appearing on the Rachael Ray show! How amazing. Whether you are a total novice or have reached a super advanced level, Threadbanger cater for everyone. While they are physically based in the States, their forum has members from all over the freekin’ world, including Ireland. Personally, I am a huge fan of Decor It Yourself, a show presented by Meg Allen Cole, comprising of tips and tricks to turn your nest in to a D.I.Y palace. Poifect.

The Website:


The Shows:

Threadbanger Projects

ISpy D.I.Y

Decor It Yourself





Threadbanger Blog


One thought on “D.I.Y: Sew and stitch and stitch and sew.

  1. I really think you should pick one of those books and one item to make from it, and just go for it. You. Will. Have. SO. Much. Fun! Patterns really aren’t difficult and Hickeys is a good place to begin with fabrics and wool, you can find pretty much anything there. But I’d say as you’re so spoilt for choice, maybe start with crochet? it’s meant to be really easy and you can take your time, maybe start patching together a snuggly poncho in a warm autumn colour to go over your leggings!
    I bought a sewing machine when the kids were still babies and I was bored at home all the time. Before that I’d never really done more than cross-stitch at school but altering and customising my own clothes seemed really cool. I was into gothic clothing at the time and just jumped in the deep end, before I knew it I was making corsets and trousers from scratch! You do need a bit of time and some money to pay for materials but once you get the hang of it, it’s a skill you can always find a use for…as I took up my machine again last year to make Saoirbear a ‘mischevious pixie’ dress for Halloween 🙂

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