My tights are too tight.

Usually, the summer heat brings me lots of sweat and anxiety. Going outside, a relatively simple endeavour, can pose ridiculous problems for the heavier/taller lady, all of which usually warrant the response “oh, really?” as if I’m trying to get out of something horrible. When it comes to stepping out in to the heat, I have to plan everything. Why? Well, I’ve grown quite attached to the skin on my thighs and would, at all costs, like to keep it. Summer chaffing is my enemy and I go to extreme lengths to avoid it. For me, being nearly 6ft means I haven’t been able to find tights that fit comfortably, or allow me to go to the toilet, in years. I think it goes without saying that tights would be a welcome relief from their thicker sister, leggings, but since I can’t find any to fit comfortably, I’m left with them or bare legs. In the past I’ve attempted to tackle this issue by cutting the feet off tights, wearing bicycle shorts and using various powders and creams. None have worked for me. I am determined to over come my tights issue and find some that not only fit, but allow me to go to the toilet at least once without the whole gusset ripping.

Personally, shopping for tights in Ireland, particularly in Dublin, shouldn’t be the big issue it is. We are not restricted to the local shopping centre, Dunnes or Shaws. Having said that, there are only two places I’m aware of who stock tights in ridiculous sizes: New Look’s Inspire section and Evans.

I’ve seen Inspire tights a few times in the Tallaght/Liffey Valley stores. The few times I’ve been blessed to see any styles bar fishnets, I’ve been window shopping and said I’d pop back. Every time I pop back there’s no sign of them, which leads me to believe there are women in a similar situation to me, furiously snapping them up as soon as they see them. Also, I can’t find them on the New Look website; somewhere I spend far too much time.

Evans is my second stop. As mentioned in the previous post, Evans are in my bad books at the moment. Bold! However, they are the only store to stocking tights, in various patterns and colours, up to a size 32. (As I can’t find the Inspire tights online, and didn’t see them in store over the weekend, I can’t be certain what size/height they cater for.) This may seem like a giant hurray moment, but it’s not. Today, I’m wearing a delicious sparkly silver pair from Evans in Liffey Valley. The gusset nearly comes the whole way up to my lady garden and I managed to stroll comfortably in them for around an hour today while at the IADT graduate exhibition. That’s a vital point; they would not withstand any kind of ‘I’m heading for the bus’ walking. Heavens, no. They are beautiful, but I’ve stretched them to the point where they are almost completely transparent, meaning they don’t look as beautiful as they should and there’s not a lot of give for pulling them up or nipping to the toilet. If only I had no bowels. If only.

Before I nipped out today, I went through the mandatory ‘is this dress too short with the tights’ check with my Mam. They are always too short. It’s the long legs curse, but leggings make short skirts acceptable. My Mam gave out to me for pulling and my tights and I said there was no give as I’d literally had to squish myself in to them. She mentioned the tights she buys in Dunnes are XL and there’s loads of room in them. Of course there is. Mam is a dainty size 12 and at a push maybe 5ft 6. How is it that she needs XL tights? I should be buying those.

Instead, I just about fit in to and Evans size 3: for the lady of 5ft 7 – 5ft 10 (I’m 5ft 11 according to Tallaght Hospital. Thanks guys!) and dress size 28 -32. It physically makes me feel disheartened when I think that my dress size is generally an 18. My jeans are an 18 long from New Look. Sometimes I buy dresses in a 20 for extra boob room. Boo-urns, you guys.

I’ve been saying for ages now that I’m going to learn how to alter my clothes, but tights aren’t really something you can alter. Hopefully the interweb produces some delicious fitting tights. Fingers crossed.

My size 16 dress from Awear with my size 28-32 tights!

Modelmaking Exhibition @ IADT - Freddy!


10 thoughts on “My tights are too tight.

  1. You’re not alone in this – my daughter (sitting here with me now!) is 10 and 5ft, can’t find tights that fit her body style either. She’s just very tall and so equally well-proportioned, with proper hips and a waist already. It means that buying good tights for school like the grey cotton types have to be a size 12-14 for her hips to fit comfortably without the gusset stretching, while nice ones for parties is really difficult – she’s a girly and wants pink ones with ribbons and sparkly bits like her friends have but they don’t make them for older teens/women.

    Hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way but have you considered mens tights? There are shops for guys who like to wear hosiery and stockings and so should be made for super-long legs with a more roomy body area. No idea of the cost or availability but maybe something you could look into as I’m sure that if you found a pair you really liked you’d look after them super-well!

    • I spend so much time comparing my physique and stature to that of a man…how I didn’t think of mens tights, I will never know. That is a brilliant suggestion, Nay! Major investigations about to start!

      I feel so awful for Sar. I’ve found with tights sizing, the bigger you go dress size, the more room you have. There doesn’t seem to be a huge different between the heights, which is very annoying. Obviously the only problem then is the styles; the bigger you go, the less exciting they are. Especially for someone of her age. Would you consider buying online for her? I’m going to see what I can find anyway! xx

  2. Don’t have a credit card so makes it difficult to buy online. At the moment Pennys are doing pink tights for women so I’ve snapped up half a dozen pairs.

    You definitely don’t have a bloke’s body! Hips and boobs are not manly, I’d be more like a teenage boy with my weedy chest heheh xx

    • Stupid credit cards. I was just sent a Visa Debit card to replace my Laser Card from Ulster Bank. Apparently it means the money comes directly out of my account like my Laser, but I can shop wherever it says Visa in store or online. Haven’t used it yet but seems really handy for internet situations.
      You should try any of the high street stores stocking tall tights, so New Look, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins etc. They aren’t tall enough for me, but they might be for her. Plus, seeing as they are high street, you might get some lovely styles. Probably a little more expensive than Penneys though. Thank God for Penneys!

  3. I know what you mean about the chaffing…. It is so very very painful… I find that Lanacane gel stuff works a treat (for me anyway).But I can’t say that I do my best not to go shopping/walking/other leggy excursions wearing a skirt or a dress because I love skirts and dresses (far more flattering than jeans I think)… I must just be a glutton for punishment. Loving the blog! Will certainly follow…. tis nice to read the point of view of a curvy girl like myself…..

    • Awh, thanks Rhona. I was delireh when I came across yours! Literally can’t find any others in Ireland.
      I just avoid walking really, which is silly, but you know yourself, it freekin’ hurts when your thighs start rubbing. I end up walking like John Wayne. I am definitely a dress girl myself, just wish I could find some tights or really light shorts so I don’t melt in the summer. I’ve never tried the Lanacane gel. They have a powder and that did not work at all. Will def try the gel! Fingers crossed.

  4. Maybe try the New Look in Arklow (Wicklow) they usually have a pretty decent stock of Inspire tights…Tights can be such a pain, im 5ft 8 and i have to buy the biggest sizes of tights so that the gusset isnt at my knees…

    • That’s a great suggestion, thanks! I haven’t tried any of the stores outside of Dublin, and Arklow really isn’t that far from Tallaght.
      I can’t believe you have the same problem. I really thought, for me, it was down to the combination of being 5ft 11/dress size 18. I’m actually really irritated for you!

      My major internet tights investigation is in full swing, so I’ll be sure to link you to my post when I’m done!

      P.S. I think I’ve told everyone I’ve seen today about your amazing doggy skirt. Can’t wait to see more!

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