Evans: It’s not me, it’s you.

Normally, I shy away from warm weather, opting instead to shelter inside in front of the TV, close to the ice pops. My ode to the summer. However, during our accidental heat-wave of last week, I was tricked in to sitting in the back garden during the day, and actually enjoyed it a little. Oh, no! Thankfully, the biggest umbrella in Ireland was shielding me, but it did get me thinking about being outside more, especially when the weather is good. Fresh air, sunshine, positivity and all that. So, in the spirit of all things sunshine, I popped out to Liffey Valley to see if I could get my hands on one of these ‘perfect for back garden lounging’ beauties from Evans.

Evans and myself have been in a major on again off again relationship for the past few years. I applaud them for making their mark on the high street and making plus size clothing affordable and accessible to women. But, I hate the tents and shapeless clothes they market at heavier women. Let’s make no mistake, I am heavier, but floating between fitting in to a 16 in Awear and an 18 in New Look, puts me firmly at the bottom of the scale. So, if sack-like tops and mumu’s don’t flatter my shape, they are definitely not going to compliment any women buying clothes in sizes larger than mine.

Ahem. Before I miss my point completely…every so often, Evans sucks me back in. Last year it was their amazing collaboration with Beth Ditto were they produced shapely, figure hugging dresses. (Apparently, she will be back in 2010. Here’s hoping!) This year, Evans are stocking mouth-watering dresses by Ruby Belle. Que being sucked back in and driving out to Liffey Valley. These dresses are gorgeous, in shape and pattern, and replicate the styles of their size 8-16 range, meaning the would easily fit in with the current stock of any non-plus-size high street store. Imagine my utter dismay when I waltzed in to my Evans only to find none of the Ruby Belle dresses are to be carried in the Irish stores. Absolute heartbreak.

Drowning my sorrows, I immediately went for the shoes. (If Evans sold bags, I’d be broke.) I bought those cute little black strap ballerinas without a thought and went home. The Ruby Belle’s were burning a hole in my brain, so I figured I’d go online, see if there was anything similar I recognised from in store, just for size purposes, and I’d get one online. Well sure you can’t buy a dress online without buying more shoes, so guess were I went. Blah, blah, shoes. Now, this is what put Evans back in the bold books: Online those shoes are £18 sterling. In store they are £18 sterling. I paid €27 for them. If I had of noticed in store, I don’t think I would have paid as much for them. Good thing some clever employee took the time to do a little permanent marker scribble over the UK price tag. Even without taking the current exchange rate in to account, I’ve always calculated sterling/euro prices in my head by adding on a quarter. My Mam is British and it’s actually always been pretty accurate for us. £18 sterling should equal around €22 euro. You bleedin’ stealers. It’s really very wrong, but it might actually be cheaper to buy in sterling online and pay delivery. *shakes head*


4 thoughts on “Evans: It’s not me, it’s you.

  1. Our shop does the exact same. I tried asking, but the managers didn’t really give me a clear answer. There is a ridiculous margin between the GBP and EUR price on our clothes and shoes. One thought I pondered was whether the constant fluctuation of the exchange rate wreaks havoc. In fairness, the amount of effort that would have to go into constantly changing the price of something due to the exchange changing. I’ll try find out more Sara. 🙂

    • Awh, Roger! Oh hai! Thanks a million for asking about it!
      I know what you mean, it would be so much hassle changing the prices regularly, but I don’t think the exchange rate has ever been so bad that it would warrant the euro prices being so high. I don’t know what the different factors are for the prices. Obviously we are in Ireland so shipping? But they would have to ship all over the UK to deliver to different stores. I know they’ll never be the exact same, but 18 sterling to 27 euro is ridiculous.

      Let me know if you find out anything. I know it’s the same in River Island. New Look isn’t run by Arcadia, is it? Evans/Topshop etc are.

  2. That is absolute madness, but I’ve noticed it many a time. Have you ever tried going to any of the Evans up north? I dunno if they’d have more but they might because it’s technically uk and stuff. My mother goes up there a lot for clothes because it is far cheaper, as with a lot of shops. I bought stuff on sale in the Miss Selfridge in Newry recently. i saw the same stuff on sale in one in Dublin and there was at least a tenner in the price difference. It’s so annoying, why are they so mean to us! Wah.

    I’m liking the blog by the way, it’s really interesting =)

    • Thanks, Cora!

      It’s insane. It’s not just with Evans. If I’m not mistaken, there was a petition to boycott River Island 5+ years ago. Jees, that makes me feel old! But, it was because their prices went insane with the Euro change over. I think River Island in Germany was 10-15e cheaper than Ireland on most items.

      I’ve never thought about heading up the north actually. If I find lots of lovely stuff in London, I might look it to heading up! Excellent suggestion, woman!

      (Also, I saw on FB you’re 21! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

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