Oh hai!

Oh hai, Internet-land.

I’m Sara. I’m a lady (sort of), a Journalism & Visual Media student and a photographer for State.ie. Hallo.

When I’m not drinking copious amounts of sugary tea or loving my cat, Louise, to the max, I’m usually stressing myself out about college, what to do when I’m forced to leave the educational womb, and if I’ll ever be able to afford tea bags and a place of my own. Of course, I know I’m not the only one, but it doesn’t make life less scary, does it?

I’m sure I’ll read over this is a few days, cringe and edit, so I’ll just plough on for the moment. Ahem.

I have spent the last few years doing a lot of moaning. Yes, I am a girl and I moan. Whoda thunkit? Fortunately for me, I had a little epiphany recently and noticed a common theme running through my moan archive; fashion, my body, fashion photography, procrastinating, my hair and my body. Funnily enough, these are the things I spend the least amount of time physically dealing with, and I often have these mental bursts were I convince myself the only way to true happiness is having my hair a specific way, losing half my body weight and fitting in to dresses from Asos. I actually felt a little bit moronic typing that. Shame.

This Blog represents a lot of positive ideas for me, most of which will unfold and develop as I go along. I am a ‘plus-size’ girl who hates using the phrase because deep down I know I am just the same as everyone else. Yet, I feel excluded from main stream fashion for a million different reasons, my size/height being one of them.  As a media student, I’m setting myself up to be involved in something regularly responsible for upsetting me, particularly fashion photography. While I know I’m kicking a mountain here, there’s no harm in trying. After all, I am bigger than you.

There are too many thoughts running through my head. Hopefully, if you stumble across this blog, you’ll be patient with me. They’ll all blurt out soon enough.

Sara x


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